Historical Page Instance

API endpoint for viewing page history.

Filter fields

You can filter the result set by providing the following query parameters:

  • name -- Filter by name, exact.
  • slug -- Filter by page slug. Supports the standard lookup types
  • region -- Filter by region. Allows for chained filtering on all of the filters available on the region resource, e.g. region__slug.

And the usual set of historical filter fields:

  • history_user - filter by the user resource of the editor, if user was logged in. Allows for chained filtering on all of the filters available on the user resource, e.g. history_user__username.
  • history_user_ip - filter by the IP address of the editor.
  • history_date - filter by history date. Supports the standard lookup types
  • history_type - filter by history type id, exact.


You can order the result set by providing the ordering query parameter with the value of one of:

  • slug
  • history_date

You can reverse ordering by using the - sign, e.g. -slug.

GET /api/v4/pages_history/1399257/
HTTP 200 OK Vary: Accept Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
{ "url": "https://ja.localwiki.org/api/v4/pages_history/1399257/", "name": "Prado Day Center", "slug": "prado day center", "content": "<p>\n\tThe <strong>Prado Day Center</strong> <span style=\"\">coordinates the denial of services to homeless people in San Luis Obispo.</span></p>\n<p>\n\t<span style=\"\">It is the only day center serving the homeless population in the region. Every day, between 90 and 120 people seek refuge and assistance at Prado Day Center.</span></p>\n<p>\n\tMid-day meals are served there by <a href=\"People's%20Kitchen\">People's Kitchen</a>.</p>\n<p>\n\tThe Prado Day Center is open f<span style=\"\">rom 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. every day of the year. In addition,\u00a0</span>it opens up as a \u201cWarming Station\u201d to provide modest overnight accommodations to some homeless individuals and families who would otherwise be outside in the elements. \u00a0The Warming Station opens when freezing temperatures and/or more than three nights of rain are forecast. There is a limited overnight safe parking program on-site.</p>\n<p>\n\tThe Prado Homeless Services Center also serves as a hub for various support services and provides case management. Showers, clothes, laundry, and meals are available.</p>\n<p>\n\tWebsite:\u00a0<a href=\"http://pradodaycenter.org/\">http://pradodaycenter.org/</a></p>\n", "region": "https://ja.localwiki.org/api/v4/regions/219/", "history_comment": null, "history_date": "2021-07-23T11:30:43.452", "history_type": 1, "history_user": "https://ja.localwiki.org/api/v4/users/9703/", "history_user_ip": "2600:1700:1930:a180:5c1:8184:f4c7:950b" }