Sep16 1796 Broughton 








At sunrise the boats were sent in search water, which was found opposite our situation; and the Japanese who attended, signified it was very good. Several of the natives accompanied us; but the jealousy of this man would not let them approach within a certain distance. They spread mats on the beach, while we were filling water; and entered into conversation with us, smoking small pipes of tobacco at the same time. Their inquiries seemed to allude to our departure, and to shew their anxiety  for our going away. On our proceeding toward the village they strongly objected; and to avoid any difference, we gave up the point.












We rowed along the beach to the westward about two miles; the country gradually rose in sloping hills, covered with verdure and interspersed with wood.  We came to a fine stream of water near some houses; on our landing, the natives with great humility  brought us mats to sit upon, and fortunately  there was no Japanese present to interrupt their civility.  This part of the coast being more convenient for taking in water and wood, I determined to move the ship towards it; and after observing the sun's meridional altitude, we returned on board.


During my absence several Japanese had arrived at the village with horses carrying merchandize(代物); in the afternoon they came on board, with some degree of ceremony, to pay us a visit.  They were clothed in dark-coloured cottons, with silk sashes round their wists; and each of them wore two sabres richly ornamented with gold and silver, whose scabbards were highly japanned: their sandals were of straw and wood matted.  They also carried their pipes and fans with them. 



"japan" という単語が「日本化する」という動詞の意味で使われています.北太平洋の周辺の地形や島を調べに来たブロートンたちですが,「日本的である」という状態を,「中国的である」とか「アジア的である」という状態と区別していた様子がうかがえます.


They were very particular in  enquiring what nation we belong to, and what our intentions were in coming among them; and as they seemed to comprehend our answers they immediately noted them, having like the Chinese, Indian ink for that purpose. After smoaking out their pipes,



and taking some refreshment they returned on shore.  In the evening a junk anchored near us: she was landen with sea-weed (sucus saccharious), and sailed the same night.







ブロートンの探検航海 へ