Sep20 1796 Broughton について知っていることをぜひ教えてください

In the morning we proceeded to examine the northwest side of the bay. After rowing three miles we came to a small village situated at the mouth of rivulet; this for some distance we traced along the beach. It appeared to flow from the North, and we imagined its source to be at a considerable distance, from the depth of the water and the rapidity of the stream. The country through which it meandered presented a very beautiful autumnal prospect; the hills were clothed with verdure, which was varied with clumps of trees disposed in the manner of an English park, and appearing as if arranged by the hand of art. The inhabitants of this small village received us with great civility, but in no part did we see any cultivation.





We returned on board in the afternoon against a strong wind from the S. E. quarter; occasioning a large swell, and increasing in the night.




The same wind and weather continued, and the surf on the beach was so high we could not get off either wood or water.




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