Sapporo Odori Senior High School 2014

Communication EnglishⅡ (Class 11)

Sapporo TV Tower

The Sapporo TV Tower was built in 1957. The TV Tower is 147.2 metres high. The TV Tower observation deck is at a height of 90.38 metres. The Tower is located on the ground of Odori park. You can enjoy the four seasons of Sapporo from this aerial pavilion. The tower is open to tourists. Tourists can view Sapporo and Odori park. Everywhere is convenient from the TV Tower. 


The view of Odori park was nice to see. You can take pictures of the the city. There are so many souvenir shops over there. They have TV family characters. You can also get the TV Tower coin from the vending machine on the observatory deck. It`s a good place to see Sapporo.