This is a story about Kazan-in and the kaya silver grass plant. Kazan-in and his entourage were traveling in this area, and they decided to take a break and eat lunch. The retired emperor Kazan-in couldn't find his chopsticks. So, one of his traveling companions broke off some branches of the kaya plant and made chopsticks for Kazan. The word for "chopsticks" in Japanese is hashi. The word for "break off" in Japanese is ori. From that time, this low mountain pass has been calld Hashiori Pass.

There is more to the story of that lunch break. The words for "blood," "or," and "dew," are chi ka tsuyu. If you put them together, you get Chi-ka-tsuyu. It is the name of the area on the other side of this mountain at the bottom of the hill. The kaya reed base area is red, and it seemed the chopsticks were turned red by the dew of the branch, Kazan is said to have quipped to his followers, 'Is this redness blood(chi) or(ka) dew(tsuyu)?' After that, this area was called Chikatsuyu.