Hosshinmon Oji Shrine is one of the five Gotai oji high ranking shrines where several gods are worshipped. It is specifically thought of as the “gate” or “entrance” to the most holy area of Kumano. The first Chinese character means “start”, the second character means “heart”, and the third character means “gate”. Thus, Hosshin implies “spiritual awakening” when you pass through the gate and open your heart. In 1109, according to Fujiwara Munetada’s travel journal, there was a giant torii gate here, and all travelers had to pass under it and purify themselves before traveling on. Down through the ages, travel journals record events happening at Hosshinmon Oji Shrine such as poetry parties, court music, court dancing and religious observance. This oji shrine was united with Misato Shrine according to the temples and shrines unification law of the Meiji era and the shrine buildings were also moved to a different place.  The present building was rebuilt in 1990.