The path leading to Ichinose leads through cultivated fields of rice in a relatively flat area. The name Ichinose derives from the purification site name called Ichinose. "Ichinose" means the "first crossing point" on the river to enter the sacred grounds of Kumano Sanzan. Ichinose Oji shrine was not discovered until the early years of the Edo era, and the remains were discovered by the order of Kishu Domain and rebuilt in 1661. The oji shrine was enshrined with Kasuga Shrine in 1907. The shrine is a small, simple building built in recent times.

Written records survive through the ages back to a thousand years ago, and some ojis came to be discovered only after reading of the shrine or oji in written records. Like Ichinose Oji, the locations of ojis were sometimes lost in overgrown areas or fell into complete ruin.