Akushiro was very strong. He lived on the mountain (Mt Akushiro peak 782m) with the same name as him. He was famous in the area for his great strength. One day Akushiro took a rest on a branch of a tree. When he sat down on it, he bent the branch down close to the ground. Around that time, some travelers on pilgrimage happened to be passing by. They decided to take a rest break on the same branch Akushiro was sitting on. After a bit, Akushiro told them to stand up and move away from the branch.The pilgrims were not ready to continue their journey and refused Akushiro's request.

Akushiro told the travelers that they would be catapulted into the air if they did'nt leave the branch before he stood up. No one paid any attention to Akushiro, and Akushiro  suddenly stood up. The travelers were all flung into the air. Then, they understood the great strength of Akushiro.