Yukawa Oji remains are in a stand of a Japanese cypress forest near the source of the Otonashigawa River. Yukawa Oji was thought to be one of the higher ranking shrines and is worshiped as a semi-Gotai oji shrine. Nobles on pilgrimage often spent the night in lodgings here and performed ritual purification rites in the river. The hill behind the oji is unstable from landslides sometimes. Recently, the oji has been rebuilt, and one can imagine what a wonderful place this must have been when groups of up to eight hundred people passed through on pilgrimage.

There is a majestic zelkova tree on the path leading to the shrine. Zelkova belong in the classification of the elm family. In the Edo era (1603-1867), the shogunate government did not allow zelkova trees to be cut down without permission. In the past, the wood was used to make chest of drawers and taiko drums,