cafe at tonda river について知っていることをぜひ教えてください

I wish there were a nice cafe overlooking the beautiful, historical Tonda River.

Tonda River has a rich, ancient history and was respected & worshiped, and

pilgrims traveled from Imperial Kyoto for Misogi or ritual purification by washing the whole body

before entering Sacred Kumano.  

The founder of the ancient martial art of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, from nearby Tanabe,

often used Misogi as part of his training.  

The pristine water of the Tonda River is so clear as to be able to see the river bed;

and children especially can explore the river ecosystem, including birds, insects, crab, fish, water-plants,

rocks and gravel washed down from mountain streams.  

There is a fine sweet shop at Ichinose a few meters from Tonda River

that was recognized by the late Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Ohira Masayoshi

that serves a special Sake sweet.  It is made from fermented rice (Koji)

and a blend of 3 candied beans.  It is the best treat by the ancient Tonda River.

Recognition from the late Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Ohira Masayoshi