Sep17 1796 Broughton について知っていることをぜひ教えてください



This morning we hauled(引いた) the seine(地引網) with indifferent(平凡な) success, and were also employed in wooding and watering. I visited the opening we had perceived(気づく) coming in, which proved to be a small harbour having within it 3 fathoms(ひろ,約5m)  and the entrance to it was between some rocks above water. It is very convenient port for small vessels(ボートより大きい船), and surrounded with houses; one of a larger kind was inhabited (住む) by some Japanese, with a garden producing French beans and turnip(カブ) raddishes. On our return we landed at the large village, and met our Japanese acquaintance(知り合い), who appeared very uneasy in seeing us so near their habitations(住居), and strongly pressed us to return to the ship: we however walked to the watering place, where we embarked(積み込む) to great satisfaction.