Mizunomi Oji is near the abandoned school grounds of Misato Elementary School. This oji has a long history.There is a legend about this area. The founder of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, Kobo Daishi, traveled all over this part of Japan looking for a place to establish Shingon Buddhism. He went to the south of the country of Kii near Nachi Falls and founded a temple called Amida-jiTemple. But, he was not satisfied with the place to establish his seat of religion and continued to look for a perfect place. He must have traveled this path many times until he chose Mt. Koya.

 One day Kobo Daishi was walking in this area. He decided to take a rest at this place. He sat down and stuck his walking stick in the ground. Then, water is said to have   gushed out. He must have been very happy to have fresh,delicious water while he rested.

Many flowers bloom here in the spring, and the fall colors are beautiful in November.

Until recent times around here, there were many camellia trees. Goze, female priests propagated the trees all over Japan along with making the Kumano pilgrimage popular. Goze were blind women who played the samisen (three-stringed musical instrument)and sang to beg for money.