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The "Seiwa Hill club" is a group of residents (groups belonging to the Assabu Town Cultural Association) that are born out of the desire to effectively utilize the old, Seiwa Primary School, which is a regional property.


Under contract, the school building and site will be leased free of charge from Assabu-cho, and the club will be paying maintenance and repair expenses on its own. (The contract with the town is posted on this page)




Town circulation on March 2019

2017.07.20 shooting  Seiwa Elementary School main school building front appearance

2019.04.14 shooting 


the contract of Assabu town and  Seiwa Hill club



Seiwa Elementary School Biography

         Location: 837, Assabu-cho, Hiyama-gun, Hokkaido


1918 (Taisho 7) Established as a temporary school building (single grade)

1921 (Taisho 10) Became affiliated with Yukoshi Teaching Field / Tan Elementary School (75 students)
                               Record of "site, schoolyard ground leveling labor service"

1951 (Showa 26) The current school building is completed, becoming a village-based Uzura-Goe Elementary School (61 people)

1969 (Showa 35) Name of the school "Seiwa Elementary School" (154)

1997 (Heisei 9) Consider integration and abolition from becoming three students in two years
                            (The number of students in 100 continued to decrease in 1977.)

1998 (Heisei 10) Closed, closing the history of 80 years (the school building was 47 years at that time)


Record of maintenance and utilization after closing the school (as of 2017)

           (Cultural utilization in area and interchange with other cities, other towns)


1998 In April, immediately after closing the school, three households moved to three teachers' residences around the school.
              In September, the first event "The 1st Seiwa Hill Concert-Piano Tateno Izumi" was realized. Executive committee by immigrants and local volunteers.
              A large number of voices, such as "Continue culturally, with good potential," in the questionnaire.

1999 Established “Seiwa Hill Club,” a private voluntary group with 20 members, mainly with local residents, for the purpose of “preservation and utilization of school buildings and surrounding environment”.

2001 Welcome to the Assabu Town Cultural Association. The concert has been held 26 times since then (with roof repair and other charities).
                Children's night club, nature experience camp of schoolchild club.
                Future University Workshop. Various training and exchange events. Where to go skiing and excursions
                It is utilized by prior application system, and the club supports it. Use of the facility is charged, and to maintenance costs.

2005 there were no free leases and public subsidies for Assabu Town and school buildings and facilities. 5 years updated.
                 Facility repair costs and maintenance costs are managed by event revenue such as dues, concerts and pizza festivals, facility use cooperation funds, donations, etc.

              * However, Assabu Town shares ¥ 6,500 a year as a cultural association subsidy and fire insurance premiums of approximately 35,000 yen a year for school buildings.
                 Activity subsidy is the same amount as other groups in town. Also, fire insurance is like that because it can only be taken by the owner.
                 As "no-smoking" in the facilities, we give due consideration to fire prevention.

2006 The roof repair of the classroom school building in buck of the gymnasium (Executed by the member and the volunteer ・ Airing on NHK)

2008 Brick oven for pizza and bread, completed by the hands of the members with the help of many. The cost is about 70,000 yen.
                 We had permission to use the site in advance from the town. In addition to members, groups and individuals inside and outside the town use it.

2010 The main roof of the main building is repainted. (Twice the following year, expenses about 600,000 yen are incurred with membership fee, 10 years of concert revenue and donations)
                Completed with members and volunteers such as scaffolding, material estimation, galvanic roofing of roofs. No accident. (Hokkaido Newspaper article published)
                The children-centered "gathering of skeches" begins. (Oil painting according to the third Saturday of the month)

2012  we received children from Fukushima Prefecture, and a forest school ("Fukushima Kids"). Held annually in the town executive committee until 2015.

2013 1st Pizza Festival. Bake 100 pizzas. (Repair the entrance due to snow damage and improve the adjacent wall)

2014 25th Seiwa Hill Concert "77years old Celebration for Izumi Tateno"

2016 The 2nd Pizza Festival. 140 pieces of pizza (roofing of the pizza hut. Rust and rusting wave → to galbarium corrugated sheet)

2017 The larch large tree logging behind the school building. "Horse Logging" demonstration with a pizza. Parent-child, staff total 70 people. 1 horse and 2 goats.


Previous club sponsored event pages


Pizza Festival in the Seiwa Hill 2016 autumn

■ The Seiwa Hill pizza festival 2017 autumn

■ Horse Logging & Pizza of 2017 spring

■ Spring has come! Let's all eat Brick oven Pizza!


"Everyone's Brick Oven" usage guidance


Anyone can use Brick oven

Why don't you cook pizza and bread with handmade Brick oven? (Link to Assabu Town official HP)


Seiwa Hill Club Information (2019)


Former Assabu municipality Seiwa Elementary School was closed in March 1998.
The main school building in front is built in 1951. Of course building materials such as hiba and pine are produced in Assabu area.
A lot of children went up to school on the hill from Uzura, Toro, Shinnei area and grew up.

"The wooden school building where many thoughts of the area overlap and the nature of the hill surrounding it"

If we pass on to the next generation while making good use of the property of this area,
We are working with hope.

The school facilities and their sites are the property of Assabu Town. Seiwa Hill club is under contract.
These maintenance and maintenance costs are borne, and the school buildings and site are used for free loan.
Maintenance, management and repair of the facilities will be covered by the member's annual fee and the following cooperation funds.


Member annual fee 1,000 yen

Anyone who agrees with the club's purpose and is willing to work can become a member with the approval of existing club members.
Thank you for your participation in the annual general meeting and organizing club sponsored events.
(Member benefit: use of facilities, use of Brick oven, use of fields, etc. free or in half)


About facility use and rule of cooperation money


Cultural activities such as nature experiences, workshops, instrument practice, and galleries
Recreation, use of Brick oven, field use of attached farm, etc.
We welcome group and personal use.


[Regulation of facility use cooperation money]

Use facility 1 day (day trip use)  1 night 2 days (use in camp)
Gymnasium 5,000 yen  10,000 yen
Classroom / staff room 2,000 yen 4,000 yen
Whole building lease  15,000 yen 30,000 yen
Kerosene stove fuel cost Actual cost Actual cost
Use of Brick oven

One adult 300 yen

(Group discount upper limit 3,000 yen)
wood fee for use one Brick oven 1,000 yen 


※ For non-commercial purposes. The number is free. Includes electricity, water, and gas charges.
※ For commercial use, different rules apply, please contact the club.

contuct us : +81-90-2075-6021 (Kasama) ,  +81-139-56-1089 (Fujioka)


 [Main example of use so far]


Cultural activities such as various training and nature experience, music, art, instrument practice.
Children's accommodation, nature experiences and camps for school children's clubs, and Future University Hakodate workshops.
Various trainings, social gatherings, walking skis, cooking excursions in junior high school, etc.

(It is utilized by prior application system, and the club supports it)
(Cooperation money is utilized for repair, maintenance management of facility)


[Nearby environment]

Seiwa-no-mori (Beech / Sawagurumi), Uzura Onsen / House Onsen Ikoi's House / Nemushi Onsen / Uesato Onsen.

Dobashi natural observation education forest (Hiba of the northern limit, Todomatsu of the southern limit, coordinator in advance application (as of March 2019 absence) or

Guidance by club members, observation of vegetation, animals and wild birds)


【Facilities Information】

School grounds, gymnasiums, school grounds, fields of Ishigaki (Hi-pan, etc.), attached farms.
Piano (uplight), 5 classrooms, 1 LP gas stove in staff room, kerosene stove,
Men's and women's toilets (Non-washing type), 100 tatami mats. There are no bedding and sleeping bags.


[Required items for application]

Participation number of people, name (leader), address, telephone / fax etc, use date, use desired facility, main purpose and hope for using


【As a precaution】

The entire building is non smoking. I would like management of fire especially carefully.As a reminder to the locals, please finish the event at 10:00 pm and spend the rest quietly.
Please be aware of environmental protection as well as the school building. Do not collect animals, plants, insects, etc. Let's mainly observe.
There is a chargeable trash bag, but basically please take the trash with you.
Vegetable waste can be used for composting at the club. (Please separate and consult the club)


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